dyKaan is an international standard company of online shopping in Bangladesh. where customers will find great deals. First time in Bangladesh we are introducing The points system online shopping website. ‘dyKaan’ which means shop in Albanian word, which pronounce as dyqan. It also have provide free products Delivery, attractive discount price and coupons for members. You can purchase any 3 products, and can be a proud members of ours, you will get free home delivery, attractive price, and will be the first one to get the news of new products. dyKaan is an international standard UK-based online shopping company for Bangladesh and a sister concern company of Vertigo Sourcing company. Vertigo Sourcing is serving United Kingdom, United States and Bangladesh over 10 years. It has been an online-based service. Please visit Vertigo Sourcing website for more details http://vertigosourcing.com . A wonderful opportunity to purchase with points system. Almost all over the world online shopping website are providing this service, which is beneficial for consumers system. We have bring the Point Based system in Bangladesh for you. When you spend 1TK to purchase a product, you will receive 1 Point. The more you shop, the more points you will earn.It also includes referral (Referrals / Affiliates) points to win, Members of each successful referral purchases the product as soon as you will receive 1000 points and also get attractive/discount price. The continuation of the development of information technology in Bangladesh and to meet the needs, it's our big effort for country. Please be with us to take online business in Bangladesh to higher level. We measure our success by our customers' satisfaction.so,those who doesn't love shopping will love shopping again.