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Reward & Points

Earning Reward Points:

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Shop at and earn reward point.

So what is reward point?

When shopping at you will be given some points based on the amount you have on your cart, your payment method or shipping method are reward points.

What will you do with these points?

These points will be converted to store credit, which you can use later during shopping at dykaan.

How much can you earn these store credits?

See the chart to get idea about how much you will earn while shopping at


Reward Point Chart:


Reward Points

Spend TK1 at 

Earn 1 point


You will get Tk.1 per 100 points. For Example: If you have 10,000 points that means you have Tk.100 store credit on your account.

So, what is the procedure of earning these points?

For purchasing any product you can earn specific reward points.

How can you use Reward Points?

You will see an option as reward points in our checkout page, Please sign in and you will see available reward points to use.